Palmesh CUTTAREE is a Paris-trained artist. While in Paris, he participated in painting exhibitions at the Mauritian Embassy and at The Salons d’Automne of Le Grand Palais Art Gallery and exhibited his masks at UNESCO headquarters.

His recent works of art were praised in the Indo-Pacific Art and Crafts Magazine The Garland. These visualize intangible cultural heritage festivals of Mauritius through a unique technique mixing acrylic and embroidery on canvas.

He also prides himself for the design of a few of his country’s bank notes and stamps.

Involved in film acting, while managing the Worldwide Masks Museum, he is a practicing artist and mask-maker.

  • Exposition au Hennessy Park Hotel

    Exposition au Hennessy Park Hotel jusqu’au 23 avril 2022 avec la participation de la Galerie Imaaya Du 23 mars au 23 avril 2022, le [...]

  • L’héritage tamoul en vue

    POUR découvrir, pour comprendre, pour apprécier aussi. Vous avez jusqu'au 29 janvier pour vous rendre au Blue Penny Museum et découvrir l'exposition Tamil Heritage [...]

  • La culture tamoule dépeinte par Palmesh Cuttaree

    EXPOSITION La culture tamoule dépeinte par Palmesh cuttaree Du 20 décembre au 29 janvier, le Blue Penny Museum accueille l'exposition 'Tamil Héritage de l [...]


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Palmesh Cuttaree has painted scenes that are typical of folklife in his native Mauritius. He has also completed a course in embroidery and works with a number of women to realise his work in textile form.

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Palmesh Cuttaree has researched the intangible cultural heritage of Mauritius, like Geet Gawai, Cavadee, Paal Kuddam, Kollatum Dance through paintings.

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